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Project Consulting

Project Portfolio ManagementWe are different

We stand for quality Project Portfolio Management (PPM) services with a difference:

  • We provide you with Industry Best Practice advice on Project Management disciplines suited to your environment – what’s RIGHT for you.
  • We introduce and embed skills into your workforce – next time they will be doing it RIGHT.
  • We select the appropriate processes and tools for your business transformation and operation – the RIGHT tools and methodology.
  • We optimise project selection based on your key business drivers and strategic plans – you execute the RIGHT projects.
  • We help you achieving your strategic goals by working with you managing supply and demand – the RIGHT people.
  • We assist in implementing benefits realisation practices within the business – you measure the RIGHT performance indicators.
  • We assess processes, tools and skills and provide recommendations on how to mature your project organisation(s) – let’s get it RIGHT.
  • We provide Project Management resources for your projects to perform managerial, administrative and governing roles – the RIGHT staff.
  • We train and coach your Project staff in the use and application of tools and processes – they will get it RIGHT.
  • We assist in Organisational Change Management initiatives – involve the organisation RIGHT at the beginning.


We think, Project Portfolio Management is an art using the RIGHT processes, the RIGHT tools, and requires the RIGHT mindset, the RIGHT management buy in, and much more. Project Program and Portfolio Management executed well will propel your benefits and therefore tangible and intangible savings to the maximum.
Contact us for an initial free consultation. Do it
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