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Our PPM Difference

What is the difference engaging us:

We care about our clients.

In the past we have come across many consultants who provide their services until the contract ends and they disappear.

Our difference:

We stay in touch with our clients and love to see them grow and mature over time.

We provide top tier services with a reasonable price tag.

Top tier services usually come with a price tag. The all eminent myth is: You get what you pay for.

Our difference:

We are a consultancy that provides quality services at reasonable price tags.

We do not maintain a large administrative overhead that needs to be financed through hourly and daily rates.

We want our clients to succeed.

As mentioned above, many consultancies are there for making ‘a buck’. We have seen a number of projects in the past where consultancies come in, produce some large papers that then are to be shelved, as no-body would be able to use it.

Our difference:

When we are delivering services to our clients, we pride ourselves in extending our clients’ capabilities. We are only satisfied, when our clients are satisfied. Success for us means when our clients are enabled and empowered to execute the services we have provided before.

We are flexible in our approach.

A large number of top tier consultancies are not interested in the ‘smaller fish’. Their overhead would not allow engagements that do not fall above an upper range of 5-figure values.

Our difference:

Whether our clients require a long term project resource or assistance for a short term, we are here to help. No job is too small for us.