Core Focus Reboot

Do it NOW! Reboot your CORE FOCUS!


For a limited time only: 

You can book Bodo Frost to present the Core Focus Reboot workshop at your office. 

It’s free and it will improve your productivity!


5 Powerful Reasons why You and Your Staff would Benefit from this Free in-house Workshop about Getting More Things Done:

  1. Discover what thousands of people already have – how to eliminate procrastination FOREVER!
  2. Companies increase productivity directly after this event alone.
  3. Focus every member of your team on the company’s goals and discover how to maintain consistent positive action.
  4. Get every member of your team consistently focused on doing what gets the best results.
  5. Develop the unlimited potential of your team.

What is different about our workshop?  


This is a special 30-minute presentation of immeasurable value.

We cover the specific reasons why people procrastinate and a formula for getting more things done at work and at home.

What is different about our message?

This is a pragmatic, structured and to-the-point system for taking more action and getting things done in life, without the stress!

You can book this workshop as a part of your weekly training.

3 more Reasons to invite Bodo Frost in-house to address Your Staff…

  • It’s FREE!
  • It improves productivity right after the workshop.
  • It is highly informative and definitely delivers all and more than is promised!

Contact us for your FREE Core Focus Reboot Workshop!